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Our Services

RRDVSP provides victims and clients with confidential emotional support, practical assistance, referral services, sexual assault counselling, and care via the Victims Quick Response Program Plus  (VQRP+).

Victim Quick Response Program Plus (VQRP+)

VQRP+ addresses the most urgent needs of victims of violent crimes including financial support for private counselling, funeral arrangements, transportation, home repairs and more.

Safety planning

If you are in a dangerous situation, RRDVSP staff can assist you with creating a safety plan, packing a bag, preparing a list of stolen or broken property, doing a home safety check, etc.


Our dedicated volunteers and staff have access to a community resource list of services available in the Rainy River District to help victims access the help they need.


RRDVSP staff and volunteers accompany victims home, to the hospital and to court appearances. Transportation and other practical supports may be provided if needed.

Sexual assault counselling

RRDVSP's Sexual Assault Counsellor provides one-on-one counselling services free to sexual assault survivors. To find out more or to book an appointment please contact our office.

Become a volunteer

RRDVSP is looking for volunteers to provide support for victims in the Fort Frances, Rainy River District and Atikokan areas.

A victim is

  • A person whose rights have been violated by a criminal, violent, or aggressive act.

  • The family or a friend of a person injured or killed as a result of a crime or serious accident, collision, disaster, or tragic circumstance.

  • Someone who has witnessed a violent or traumatic incident.

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You're not alone. We're here to help.

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